Page House

Built, 2017
Berkeley, California
Photographs: Naho Kubota

This new house, accommodating an extensive and rotating collection of contemporary ceramic art, is in a mixed-used, light-industrial neighborhood. The form is a twenty-eight-foot cube, determined in part by the choice of a four-foot square porcelain panel for the building’s facade and surrounding patio. The monochrome exterior is also related to the tile, to which metals and window shades are color-matched.

Most walls house pockets for doors and windows--a doubling of the house that also conceals infrastructural elements. Organizationally, the division of the interior is based on a recursive diagram, with walls branching off a switchback stair.

In the closed state, the project reads as a monolith with a corner cube subtraction (the main entry). In the open state, the reading shifts to one of a hollow shell, at times rendered transparen by sightlines that extend through the house and connect back to the city.